What Are The Differences Between Jerzees And Gildan?

So, a lot of my colleagues have their own online-based business where they sell customized sweatshirts.

Now, one of them was a complete novice in this regard and had ordered hoodies at a wholesale rate, which later was customized according to the customer’s preference.

And speaking of that, let me give you a spoiler that today I am gonna talk about jerzees vs Gildan blank t-shirts to help you understand the nuances.

Now back to story!

What went wrong was all of the sweatshirts shrunk after one wash, as for the screen-printing design, it became hazy.

Yeah, he was flooded with complaints and also in debt!

When I came to know this whole fuss, I advised him to either choose Jerzees or Gildan hoodies for personalization purposes because of their innate quality, comforting contents, and permanency.

Now, you might be wondering the differences between these two and how you are gonna nail down the one that will be apt in your aspects.

Well, in today’s article, you will find your answers!



Let me tell you that Jerzees is one of the most sky-high successful names in the apparel industry. It has reached this milestone with consistency, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and promising customer-seller traits.

The reason why Jerzees always comes first in the list is because it has a popular fanbase in professional embroiders and screen printers as they order their plain neat apparel in bulk and later customize them according to the client’s preference.

However, Jerzees not only allows you to customize your sweatshirts but also fleece, shorts, sport shirts, iconic tees, and other t-shirts, which includes seven categories.

Here, you can see it has a wide variety in their collection, and they are always upgrading their quality and switching to whole new themes for each category depending on the customer’s demand. Moreover, Jerzees know exactly how to jump on the bandwagon and serve what their customers desire.

Now, talking about Jerzees common features, it has a chart of 48 different colors, washable contents, screen-printing and embroidering availability, high resistance to scratch and heat, affordability etc.


Gildan-1Then comes Gildan which is identical to Jerzees. The appearance of both sweatshirts is quite similar, and the differences between both of them are negligible.

However, Gildan reigns over other customizable apparel when it comes to durability or retention of the same color, pattern, and quality when bought.

Moreover, it has three categories in its e-commerce site that include men, women, and youth, where you are gonna find more specified options or genres to choose from. Their collections are always somewhat fresh and convincing and also, better than their previous ones.

Initially, they uphold “simplicity” at their best and ensure rendering comfortable apparel, which alleviates your body during exposure.

Here, Gildan’s common features are durability, premium quality materials, washable contents, huge color availability, and immunity to undergo consistent use and scratch.

Jerzees vs. Gildan

As you can see that their differences are very subtle, let’s see this chart to decipher the contrast clearly!

Jerzees Gildan
Jerzees has suitable durability and design, which is required for sportswear and office wears. Gildan has the smoothest surface, which makes screen printing easy and keeps the patterns of the apparel invisible through the designs.
It has 48 different colors available. It has 141 color variations.
These shrink after washing. Hence if you are looking for a loose fit, then make sure you order a size larger. Gildan’s apparel doesn’t shrink after a wash or over time. And this is one of the brand’s specialty, which the customers latch on.
This brand is extremely versatile and consistent with what they do. They lack versatility, and their designs are simpler.

 Still, if you are in a quandary to buy any one of them, then you can order both of their samples for experimental purposes and come to a decision.

 End Quote

So that was all about the differences between Jerzees and Gildan. However, both of them are made of similar blends of materials, which is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Also, both of their sweatshirts weigh 8 ounces.

Thus, irrespective of having those subtle contrasts, the sweatshirts yield similar features.

I hope it won’t be overwhelming anymore for you to decide after coming across this Jerzees vs. Gildan guide.

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