How To Get Your Printer Offline To Online [A Complete Guideline]

Though we are slowly becoming dependent on digital papers, we still need many printed copies. If we need cars, posters, brochures, legal documents, letters, etc., we have to print them, of course. So, we cannot deny the necessity of printers. While using a printer, it is a common issue to find printers offline. Then commanding the printer from a PC or other devices become tough. 

How to get your printer offline to online? You should know the techniques to solve the issue at the right time and run your printing smoothly. Actually, there are various reasons behind getting the printer offline suddenly. It can be a physical connectivity problem or a software problem. You have to check first and then go for the solution.

Now, let’s know the reasons and solutions for offline printers.

How To Get Your Printer Offline To Online

Every printer user should learn the reasons for getting the printers offline. When you see your printer offline, you do not know the cause, and so you should check different printer parts one by one and find the reason to solve the issue. Let’s explore those problems and solutions for printers.

1. Check Printer Cables and Network Connections

Before checking all the printer settings in your PC, check the cable connections to the proper power outlet. Check if the power outlet is turned on. When using wireless connectivity, you have to be sure that the printer and the PC are on the same network connection.

To turn the printer offline from online, another mode can be the reason, and that is “Sleep Mode.” Some printer settings turn the printer into sleep mode after only one minute and a short while. So, check the printer settings in your PC and if you find it in the Sleep Mode, wake the printer up. Now check if the printer status is on “Online.”

Check the cable connections too. Check if it is connected to the correct router. Do not connect the printer to the OC through a USB hub. Check if the connections of cables fit onto the ports correctly. If you find the printer offline, you can change the links by changing the port of your computer or router. If the printer is on the wireless connectivity, reboot the router, and removing the printer connected to the network, reconnect it.

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

2. Status Light of Printer

Since the status “Offline” arises, there must be some reason for sure. You can check the presence of issues by checking the status light of the printer. If you see the Wi-Fi light in the wireless printer is red, there is some problem with the Wi-Fi connection. If there are some issues with the Firmware update or paper jamming in the cassette, you can see the status differently. If you do not understand the status bar, you can check the manual or the printer manufacturers’ website. 

3. Pending Print Jobs

If you already have commands for some printing job but they are pending, and the printer is on “Offline,” check the printer settings. Right-click on the ‘Printer’ button on your computer and then see from the option ‘See What’s Printing.’ Now “Cancel” all the pending print jobs. After cancellation, select the option “User Printer Online.”

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

You may find some stuck printing job that does not take the cancellation order. In that case, restart the PC and printer.

4. Remove Printer Packages and Drivers

Removing printer drivers and packages can turn the printer on “Online.” So, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Stay as the Admin in the Windows of your PC. You may sign in like an Admin. Search on the searching bar by typing “CMD.” Tap on ‘Open,’ and then type “printui /s/t2”. It will open the print server properties window.

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

Step-2: Here, you will find the option to remove the drivers and packagers for the printer in question. After removing all the drivers, again, add the printer to the necessary devices. 

Now, the printer should be on “Online.” If you are still finding your printer offline, you have to go for further checking and settings. You can contact the manufacturers to understand the issues. 

5. Printer Mode in Windows

The printer can be in the “User Printer Offline” Mode. Check it and if you find it like this, then disable this mode. Follow the steps below-

Step-1: Enter’ Settings’, following “Devices,” then “Printers & Scanners.” Now find the name of your printer and select it. Tap on “Open Queue.”

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

Step-2: Now, you have to select the “Printer” option from the menu. You will see the option “Use Printer Offline.” If you find it ticked, then make it unchecked. If you find the option- “Use Printer Online,” keep it checked.

Now see if the printer has been online.

6. Restart the Printer and Computer

If you find that none of the options stated above is working to turn the printer on online, shut down the printer directly. Then wait for a few minutes. And now turn the printer on again. If it does not work again, then do it manually. Manually means you have to unplug the printer from the power cable and plug it back in after waiting few minutes.

how to get printer online windows 10

You can unplug the printer and also disconnect it from the computer too. In this case, shutting down the computer is a good practice. When only printer rebooting does not work, together printer and computer restart can work. After restarting the computer, connect the printer to the computer and turn the printer on. Now check if the printer has got the online status back. 

7. Printer Firmware Update

If there is an issue with the Firmware, it can keep the printer offline. Firmware malfunction or Firmware bug can cause the problem. You can update Firmware or reinstall the latest Firmware version. You will find the update or latest version from the printer itself or the manufacturer’s website, or the printer software.

Printer Firmware Update

8. Windows Updates

Generally, Windows automatically updates and downloads necessary functions. It installs the latest version of drivers to the device. When you see your printer is stuck offline, you should check for the Windows updates. The automatic updates could not happen for some issues, and the printer goes on offline status. When you install the updates, it may resolve the problems with the printer.

To check the updates, you have to go to the settings of your computer and then “Updates & Security.” Find the Windows Update option and check it for updates by clicking on it. As the instruction says here, follow them and install all the pending updates. Then check if the printer is online now. 

9. Printer Troubleshooter

After doing all of these, if you cannot solve it, you should go for a printer troubleshooter. You do not have to worry about how to find this. It is a built-in tool of the printer. You can use this troubleshooter on your Windows devices. Follow the steps below:

Step-1: At first, enter ‘Settings,’ then go to ‘Update & Security and find Troubleshoot. Here you have to select “Additional Troubleshooters.”

Step-2: You will see the “Printer” option. Select it and run the troubleshooter button.

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

Troubleshooter tool checks the spooler service and print queue and inspects the network printer’s configuration and other systems. If the troubleshooter gets any problems or errors in the printer, it will show the problem and recommend the necessary solution. You can solve it by running the solution as the troubleshooter recommend. 

10. Troubleshoot the Software of Printer

Most of the printer brands offer dedicated printer software to fix some printing problems. You can run this software on your PC and solve issues. You can check the website of the brand of your printer. You have to visit the Download or Support section of their website. You may find the application as the printer management app. If you do not find the application, you can contact the printer’s manufacturers. 

11. Windows Print Spooler Reboot

The print spooler is a component of the printer system. It powers the printer to execute the printing jobs. You can discover printers on Windows devices through this spooler element. If the printer spooler is not active, the printer will be set on offline. You can solve this problem by checking Windows Services Manager. Follow the steps below and check it.

Step-1: At first, right-click the Start menu and then select the ‘Run’ option. There will appear a dialogue box, and you have to type “services.MSC.” Now tap on ‘OK.’ It will start the Windows Service Manager.

Step-2: You will see a list of services here. Select on ‘Print spooler.’ Now restart it. 

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

After commanding this, the Windows Service Manager will stop the spooler and restart it. When you see that the restarting box is grey, it confirms that the printer spooler was inactive. So, select the ‘Start’ button to launch the service.

Step-3: You have to launch the print spooler by the automatic function. So, you have to double click on the ‘Print spooler’ option and then select automatic under the Startup Type. Now tap on Apply. Then select “OK.” 

After finishing all the steps correctly, now check if the printer is online. Go to the settings option of the printer, select ‘Devices’, and then ‘Printers & Scanners.’ Here you will see if the printer is online. 

12. Windows Function Discovery Services

Some printer uses WSD technology that is Web Services for Devices technology. If the printer work on this technology, the Windows Function Discovery services should run correctly. This technology is suitable for detecting network devices. Check if the Windows Function Discovery services are active by following the steps below:

Step-1: At first, Press “Windows key + R” on the keyboard. Here you will see a search box. Type “services.msc” and then press on “OK.”

How To Get Your Printer From Offline To Online

Step-2: Find “Function Discovery Provider Host” and find “Function Discovery Resource Publication.” Double-click on “Function Discovery Provider” to start this service and check the Automatic option on Startup Type. Tap on Apply and then OK. 

Step-3: Repeat this same step for Function Discovery Resource Publication. 

Now check if the printer is online. If not, disconnect the printer from the PC and unplug the PC. Then turn the PC again and connect the printer. Then check if it is online.

13. Reinstall Printer from the Scratch

When nothing is working, the best way to take the chance is to remove the printer from scratch and reinstall it. To do it, disconnect the printer from the computer and then follow the steps:

Step-1: In your computer, enter the “Settings” option and then to “Devices”, then to “Printers & Scanners.” Here you have to select the problematic printer and then tap on the “remove device” option. After doing it, restart your computer. Connect the printer to the PC and connect the network router. 

Step-2: Again, enter the Settings and Devices and select the option “Add a Printer or Scanner.”

Now check if the printer is online.

When nothing is working, then you have to contact the manufacturers or professional mechanics. Suppose they want to resolve the issues, careful about the cost. The repairing cost for the printer can be higher than the price of a new printer. If that is the case, you should not go for repairing. Instead, you can purchase a brand-new printer and resume your printing job.

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Final Words

The printer is an essential part of almost all the offices. People use them in their homes for personal uses too. If the printer is stuck on offline status, it becomes frustrating. It stops our printing job completely. But how to get your printer offline to online? With the problems, there are solutions too. If we know them well, we can solve the issues ourselves.

From this page, you will find all the possible problems and solutions to them. Trying the issues one by one from top to bottom, you will find your printer’s problem for sure. Having the ideas of these printer problems and solutions will reduce your tension, and you can be confident that you can resolve issues of your printer yourself. 

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